Senior Vice President, School of Health

Job Number: JR-011157

If you’re passionate about building a better future for individuals, communities, and our
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Driven by a mission to expand access to higher education through online, competency-based degree programs, WGU is also committed to being
a great place to work for a diverse workforce of student-focused professionals. The university has pioneered a new way to learn in the 21st
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Truly a university without
boundaries, Western Governors University (WGU) is a non-profit online university founded and supported by 19 U.S. governors, which has been
named by Fast Company as one of the world’s 50 most-innovative companies. CNN calls WGU “a school without boundaries,” and major news
outlets from NPR to Bloomberg BusinessWeek are touting WGU’s “potential to transform the higher education industry.”

WGU is a
mission-driven organization created to expand access to higher education through innovative, competency-based online degree programs. WGU
has remained focused on helping hardworking adults meet their educational goals and improve their career opportunities.

To fulfill
the mission, WGU has remained affordable, flexible, and student-focused in a world of rising tuition. Hence, WGU strives to serve as many
students as possible-including minorities, first-generation college students, those with modest incomes, and others whose lives or
geographic locations do not allow them to attend traditional, campus-based colleges.

WGU has flourished into a national university,
serving more than 130,000 students from all 50 states. The organization continues to receive praise for its academic model and real-world
competencies that enhance its reputation with employers for graduating highly competent professionals.

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  • The School of Health has approximately 27,000 students and is growing rapidly at 11% a year. The School of Health graduated
    nearly 15,000 students in 2021 alone – and is one of the largest providers nationally of both nurse and nurse educators.
  • The School
    of Health offers four different bachelor’s degrees, plus BACC certification and nine graduate degrees to include three post master’s
  • The school measures success through KPIs around student progress and success with the aim of getting students to
    graduation, with special emphasis on low-income learners and learners of color. The focus is around how to create employability especially
    as it relates to the future of demands in the market.
  • The school is a designated a Center of Excellence in Nursing Education by the
    National League for Nursing. Only 1% of nursing programs across the United States earn this designation.
  • The baccalaureate degree
    program in nursing and master’s degree programs in nursing at WGU are accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education


  • Operating as a non-profit, WGU is dedicated to keeping
    tuition low. The university is not only self-sustaining but can invest in growth on tuition of $7,452 per year.
  • WGU has revenues of
    over 1 billion per year.
  • WGU accepts only full-time students (most are also working full-time) who pay a flat rate
  • WGU has 131,657 students with over 26,764 of those in the School of Health.


  • Headquartered is in Salt Lake City, WGU is a highly distributed organization of more than 7,400 employees, with a
    majority of employees working remotely in nearly every state.


  • Student Obsession: We start
    with our students in everything we do and every decision we make. We keep our mission at the core of all our decisions and never lose sight
    of the end goal. Every day we strive to live up to the WGU promise.
  • Innovation: We expect fresh thinking and look for new
    ideas everywhere. We are willing to slough off the past in favor of advancing our future. We are comfortable being first and taking
    calculated risks to overcome great challenges.
  • Learning: We value continuous growth and development. Self-improvement is
    never complete; it is constantly being enhanced. We expand our knowledge base through ongoing curiosity and an openness to feedback and
    criticism. We benchmark ourselves against the best.
  • Inspire & Develop: Through our actions and behaviors, we inspire others
    to do their best work and recognize team and individual contributions. We develop leaders and take seriously our role in developing
  • Urgency: We respond to and act on all challenges in a timely manner. We are efficient and careful with our
  • Courage: Big, bold thinking. We have the grit and fearlessness to push ourselves to achieve great things. We do what is
    right, not what is popular. We stand for what we believe in.
  • Ownership: We act on behalf of the university and care for
    students as if they were family. We think long term and take accountability for our actions and responsibilities. We operate at all levels.
    We never say, “that’s not my job.”
  • Deliver Results: We strive for excellence in performance in all facets of the university.
    Our deliverables are timely with the right quality. We don’t settle. We foster an atmosphere that breeds creativity and innovation while
    always meeting the needs of our students.
  • Integrity: We do what is right even when no one is watching. This is the basis of
    our character and is foundational to how we interact with all people. WGU demands uncompromised integrity from everyone in all interactions
    and responsibilities.
  • Earn Trust: We genuinely listen, speak directly, and treat others with respect. We are sincerely
    open-minded and examine even our strongest convictions with humility. We know we must earn our reputation every day

The SVP of
the School of Health will be responsible for the overall performance of the school, leading both the strategic direction and ambition for
the school as well as maintaining the operational rigor. They will need to ensure a focus on student-centric growth and quality, building
off the organization’s rich heritage, but also looking ahead to new strategies and programming portfolio direction that will increase the
organization’s success at serving more students more effectively, especially those for whom traditional higher education models are not well


Reports to                                           Dr. Marni Baker Stein, Provost and Chief
Academic Officer

Direct reports                                    Vice President, Academics

Vice President, Academic

A team of over 700 academic and administrative staff

Other key relationships                Scott Pulsipher,

Senior Vice President, School of Education

Senior Vice President, College of Information Technology

Vice President, College of Business


  • Lead the strategic direction and ambition for the
    school, including oversight of five strategic priorities: Innovative Credential Pathways, Curriculum and Assessment Alignment with
    Marketable Skills/Industry, Industry Partnerships to Advance Student Career Opportunities, Expansion of the Pre-licensure program, and
    Improving Success and Access for underserved.  
  • Provide executive guidance for the operational leadership of student enrollment and
    outcomes, program development, faculty recruitment/retention, and oversee the financial well-being of the organization.
  • Act as a
    thought leader and convener across these priorities and initiatives – both internally across the organization and externally – looking
    around curves to anticipate the changing landscape of work with the management team and other stakeholders to ensure an enduring competitive
    strategic vision. Effectively communicate and implement that vision internally and externally.
  • Develop a well-developed strategic
    perspective and “north star vision” on the evolving nature of the health sector employment landscape and as a result identify the content
    and credential needs/gaps to fulfill the fast-growing demands of the industry.

Position Summary WGU School of Health

As the Senior Leader of the school,  you bring strong leadership talents to inspire, guide, and engage our VP and Director level
leaders and faculty as we provide the highest quality education to our learners. Working alongside other senior leaders at WGU, you will
strive to ensure that the organization meets the mission and strategic objectives set forth by the Board and executive leadership while
promoting a positive and engaging work environment. An emphasis will be on execution and a results orientation in the context of
relationships and team building. As a servant leader you embody the following behaviors:

  • Accountability for
  • Engagement and enthusiasm for change
  • Adaptability and continuous learning
  • Trust, respect, and
  • Transparency and candor
  • Efficient, data-driven decision-making
  • Drive for execution demonstrated by a
    sense of urgency and commitment to follow-through
  • Fiduciary integrity and accountability


  • Develop a strategic direction and long-term vision for the school and create a plan to execute on that strategy, getting buy-in from
    the rest of the organization.
  • Implement an expanding portfolio of health-sector programming that will responsibly grow student
    enrollment year-over-year, while improving on student and graduate outcomes.
  • Drive operational rigor to ensure the organization,
    processes and infrastructure can scale with the continued success and continue to meet determined targets for student enrollment and student
    outcomes, faculty metrics, and other operational key performance indicators.
  • Uphold WGU’s promise of providing employees with a
    meaningful, enjoyable, and rewarding work experience.
  • Maintain a student-focused culture that provides a best-in-class education for
    the school’s students, especially those for whom traditional higher education models are not a good fit.
  • Ensure that the School of
    Health retains its place as the online learning destination of choice by having the most relevant curriculum delivered in the most effective
    manner at an affordable price point

The successful SVP is a strategic and operational leader who is passionate about education
and workforce skilling. They will be accomplished at leading significant growth of a division, company or not-for-profit organization and
should have a strong mission orientation and a passion for helping underserved adults obtain higher education and better jobs. In addition,
they must be highly credible in Health professionals’ space and able to clearly articulate Western Governors University’s purpose, mission,
vision, and goals.

More broadly, this leader is probing, innovative, open-minded, and data driven. They will have experience
attracting talent and effectively leading teams, motivating others to achieve strategic priorities and specific outcomes in a diverse,
complex, and highly collaborative work environment.


Deep operational and administrative leadership at
scale significant experience at a senior leadership/administrative level, including experience in the developing and managing a budget,
personnel, strategic planning, and the use of technology. Preference for those that have had the experience owning a P&L in the context of a
shared service setting. Expertise in the health professions industry Including a well-developed strategic view on the future of the
healthcare industry and changing employment demand Demonstrated experience in a mission-oriented environment history of success within an
environment that strives for student-focused outcomes with equal enthusiasm for operational rigor and business outcomes. Graduate degree in
a health-related field. Masters required with PhD preferred.


Strategic thinking with
the goal of advancing the strategic priorities of the WGU School of Health, this leader will:

  • Define the evolving future of
    health education and workforce development both at WGU and within higher education more broadly, using logic and evidence.
  • Revise
    strategy and propose new directions for the school based on the evolving marketplace.
  • Challenge assumptions and conventional wisdom
    with specific, supported, reasoned proposals.
  • Contribute to the development of an organizational strategy, justifying it with market
  • Think 3-5 years ahead into next business cycle.


Recognizing the
collaborative culture and the importance of incorporating diverse views, this leader will:

  • Negotiate with a genuine
    give-and-take approach and act as a true peer, recognizing that decisions are shared by the leadership team.
  • Spend time identifying
    all stakeholders, meeting, or connecting with all to shape and forge a collective consensus.
  • Identify opportunities to build
    relationships both across and outside of the University.


  • Highly strategic
    with the ability to think towards the future.
  • The ability to deal with ambiguity and change in a fast-faced environment

As an equal opportunity employer, WGU recognizes that our strength lies in our people. We are committed to diversity.

As an equal opportunity employer, WGU recognizes that our strength lies in our people.
We are committed to diversity.


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