Assistant VP of Institutional Effectiveness


The AVPIE reports directly to the President and works in close collaboration with the Provost and Academic Leadership. The AVPIE provides leadership and oversight in the areas of institutional effectiveness, institutional research, and outcomes assessment. The AVPIE serves on the Executive Council.

  • Hybrid position, working primarily on campus with occasional work-from-home opportunities
  • Position will remain open until filled

Reporting Relationships

  • Position Reports to the President. Works in close collaboration with the Provost and Academic Leadership.
  • Positions Supervised
    • Directly: Director of Institutional Research and Effectiveness
    • Directly: Administrative Assistant (shared) for the Assistant Vice President of Institutional Effectiveness (AVPIE) and Vice President of Communications, Marketing, and Enrollment
    • Directly: Institutional Research Analyst
  • Collaborates with University Administrators, Academic Leadership towards establishing and supporting University and Presidential Strategic Initiatives.

Essential Functions & Responsibilities

  • Advocates for data-driving decision making across all University departments including assessment and continuous improvement processes.
  • Develops, directs, facilitates, and monitors systems and processes for institution-wide assessment and continuous improvement strategies, related to demonstrating the accomplishment of University Mission, Vision, Core Values, and Core Themes (Mission Fulfillment Goals)
  • Directs and facilitates the systematic collection, analysis, and reporting of assessme nt data gathered through university-wide surveys of students, alumni, faculty, Board of Trustees, and other internal and external stakeholders.
  • Advises and collaborates with University administrators and academic leadership on institutional improvement opportunities based upon findings derived from assessment data.
  • Under the direction of the President, participates in institutional planning by assisting with the effective development, implementation, and documentation of the comprehensive strategic plan.
  • Collaborates with the NWCCU Accreditation Liaison Officer to support and demonstrate the University’s compliance with institutional accreditation.
  • Collaborates with the Executive Vice President of Academic Affairs to support academic and programmatic assessment.
  • Directs data collection and completion of standard federal reports including the Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System (IPEDS).
  • Provides leadership towards the development and implementation of equity-minded assessment practices and student achievement to help remedy identified equity gaps.
  • Provides leadership and vision towards establishing and supporting University and Presidential Strategic Initiatives.
  • Integrates assessment activities and results with accreditation processes, disseminates obtained information among University constituents and stakeholders, and sponsors assessment and continuous improvement support activities.
  • Promotes fiscal viability through strategic use of financial resources in the development, administration, and financial accountability of the Institutional Effectiveness budget.
  • Oversees the recruitment, selection, and evaluation of departmental personnel.

Working Requirements & Conditions


An earned doctorate specializing in education, psychology, or another related field is preferred. A Master’s degree is required.

Required Knowledge:

Effectiveness, Assessment, Research, Communication, Leadership, Project Management, Analytics, Data Visualization

Experience Preferred:

5 years experience in institutional effectiveness, institutional research, planning and assessment, accreditation, institutional strategic planning, and grant writing

Physical Activities & Requirements

Finger Dexterity:

Using primarily just the fingers to make small movements such as picking up small objects or pinching fingers together


Especially where one must convey detailed or important instructions or ideas

accurately, loudly, or quickly

Average Hearing & Visual Abilities:

Able to hear average or normal conversations and receive ordinary information. Average, ordinary visual acuity necessary to prepare or inspect documents, products, or operate machinery

Physical Strength:

Sedentary work. Sitting most of the time. Exerts up to 10 lbs. of force

occasionally (almost all office jobs)

Working Conditions


No hazardous or significantly unpleasant conditions (Such as in a typical office)

Mental Activities & Requirements

Reasoning ability:

Ability to deal with a variety of variables under only limited standardization.

Able to interpret various instructions.

Mathematics ability:

Moderate to high level of mathematics ability required including statistical analysis as utilized in research.

Language ability:

Ability to read a variety of books, magazines, instruction manuals, atlases, and encyclopedias; Ability to prepare memos, reports, and essays using proper punctuation, spelling and grammar; Ability to communicate distinctly with appropriate pauses and emphasis, correct pronunciation (or sign equivalent), and variation in word order using present, perfect, and future tenses.


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