Restructuring Higher Ed with Respect for Employees – HigherEdJobs Podcast Recap

In this episode The Job Board Doctor, Jeff Dickey-Chasins, demystifies ‘The Great Resignation’ and the restructuring of the labor market after the pandemic. Jeff addresses how higher education leaders can approach poor employee morale and pay better attention to why employees are leaving.

Jeff identifies The Great Resignation as “A wake up call for employers” and an opportunity to “…become a better employer.”

The three discuss the importance of showing respect for employees from employers. Jeff says, “…the ultimate thing is that if you’re an employer, you need to show respect for the people that you employ…pay people a living wage, give them the opportunity to have input into their own work area, their own workspace, make them feel like they have a voice. Those are just some basic things.”

Communication is key when it comes to institutions finding better job candidates. Jeff affirms, “Institutions that are willing to communicate with candidates, tend to find candidates that come in with an open mind about working with the institution to do the best job they possibly can.”

Jeff also adds two songs to The HigherEdJobs Podcast Spotify playlist.

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