Exchanging Ideas Leads to Intentional Inclusion – HigherEdJobs Podcast Recap

In this episode Kelly and Andy learn about NHBCUAAa foundation focused on providing assistance and support for HBCUs and HBCU alumni.

President Tyrone E. Couey and Vice President Richard Smith share their pivotal and imperative work at NHBCUAA. Couey and Smith discuss a number of diversity and inclusion initiatives that they have initiated that work to join and connect organizations, corporations, and universities.

Couey shares that a primary goal for him is to get people together from different backgrounds. This has led to NHBCUAA creating exchange programs between HBCUs and PWIs. The exchange includes the exchange of ideas and perspectives, but also of students and even executive campus leadership and presidents. President Couey says, “…once you start to engage young people together, that’s when we have the changes. And that’s what we’ve been attempting to do with our organization recently because the opportunities have opened up with industry really trying to be inclusive and coming to our organization.”

Listen to the full episode to learn more about HBCUs and projects that are increasing intentional inclusion in higher education.

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