Embrace the Kinks in the Road – HigherEdJobs Podcast Recap

In the season finale of the HigherEdJobs Podcast, Andy interviews Martin Atkins. Martin is a rock star turned higher ed professor who shares his advice for students and higher ed professionals alike.

Martin stresses that you should find at least five different titles you can describe yourself as in your professional career. One job title is simply not enough. “…what’s my job title? I would tell my students, you need five things. That’s great you’re doing that one thing with the mandolin or whatever, what are the other four things?”

For Martin, that means working as a professional drummer, entrepreneur, author, educator, and museum curator.

Martin shares many life stories and the wisdom he has gained over the years. Life rarely provides a direct route to success. There are always kinks in the road. Success takes time, energy, risks, and embracing the unknown. He describes his success as a myriad of little things that have come together with and without his help, “So it’s always these tiny things that accumulate to become larger things.”

When it comes to our careers and job searches there is one bit of advice from Martin that is striking from the episode. “You know, why don’t you plan some kinks in the road here, and be aware don’t just wander off, but be aware and collide with some interesting people.” You never know who you may meet if you take the time, energy, risk and embrace the unknown. Perhaps you meet someone with a connection to a new job opportunity, a new hobby, or a new friend.

Join us at the beginning of the fall semester for part II of Martin’s interview where he delves deeper into his advice for job seekers in higher ed.

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