When Women Lead

Female leaders speaking at podium to audience


New research from CUPA-HR has identified several findings that indicate differences in pay and representation when institutions are led by women compared to when institutions are led by men.

Institutions with female presidents and provosts have better pipelines for women to become senior-level executives in higher education, they also have a higher representation of women in all administrative categories, in dean positions, and in all faculty ranks compared to institutions led by men.

When women lead as presidents, female administrators make more money and are better represented compared to female administrators at institutions with male presidents.

When women lead as provosts, female deans and tenure track faculty are better represented than female deans and tenure track faculty at male led institutions. Pay equity for female deans and tenure track faculty was not consistently or strongly impacted when women lead as provosts compared to when men lead as provosts.

Read the full report, “Women in the Leadership Pipeline in Higher Education Have Better Representation and Pay in Institutions With Female Presidents and Provosts.”

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