The Best of October from HigherEdJobs

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In case you missed anything this month, here are some editor’s picks highlighting issues, trends, and tips to help you in your academic career.

Best in Leadership
Forming, Storming, and Norming: Making Online Teams Work

Russell Thacker, PhD examines how leaders can build strong, resilient teams remotely. Virtual team building takes more creativity and intentionality online. Thacker presents several strategies to make virtual teams as successful as possible.

Best in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
How Not to Be Awkward Around Your Disabled Colleagues/Students

Jill Hinton Wolfea regular contributor for HigherEdMilitarydiscusses what it means, to her, to be a blind person working in higher education.

Best in Workplace Issues
Higher Education’s Bullying Problem Is Bad for Business

It is October National Bullying Prevention Awareness Monthour annual opportunity to examine the problem of workplace bullying. Eileen Hoenigman Meyer highlights the issue of bullying in higher education and what needs to change for higher education to remain welcoming for all.

Best in Student Success
Advance International Student Employability with Cultural Humility and Collaboration

Samantha Nissen, M.Ed. asks the question,’How welcoming is your institution’s career services office to international students?’ Nissen provides strategies to increase international student success.

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