Higher Education Employment Continues to Decline in Q2 2015

The number of jobs in higher education declined 0.3 percent in Q2 2015 mirroring declines in student enrollment, according to a recent report from HigherEdJobs, a leading job and career site for higher education professionals.

According to an analysis of US Bureau of Labor Statistics data by HigherEdJobs, higher education employment declined 0.3 percent in the second quarter and that represents a loss of 6,000 college and university jobs. When the latest data are adjusted to the academic semester, the decline in jobs appears to track recent declines in student enrollment reported by the National Student Clearinghouse Research Center based in Herndon, Va.

Interestingly, while the number of jobs in higher education was down, the report found that ads for open positions in academia were up 21.9 percent during Q2 2015, and at a much faster pace from a year ago. And, for the first time in three years, second quarter job postings for all full-time higher education jobs outpaced the increase of postings for part-time positions in Q2 2015.

There was good news for individuals looking for full-time faculty positions as ads for those positions increased 13.5 percent from a year ago.

“The growth in full-time faculty positions is a welcome change for faculty job seekers,” said John Ikenberry, president and co-founder of HigherEdJobs. “Yet, despite this positive sign, full-time faculty job postings were still outpaced by a nearly 25 percent increase in part-time faculty job postings.”

The report analyzes the most current data from BLS and HigherEdJobs’ posting trends from colleges and universities that have continuously subscribed to the company’s unlimited posting plan for four years, a group of roughly 890 schools that have no financial deterrent not to post any openings. The full report can be viewed at http://www.higheredjobs.com/career/quarterly-report.cfm.

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